Move over, Poké Balls, gone are your glory days of people wandering aimlessly with you on their smartphones.  This 2017, Poké Bowls are taking over our town and they’re about to change your life – or your shape – depending on which succumbs first.

So what exactly are Poké Bowls?

Aside from being every female’s Instagram, VSCO-filtered, “omg goals?!” dream come true, these dishes are actually part of every local Hawaiian’s staple diet. Life really is better over in the Aloha State. Poké bowls (pronounced Pou-kay) are essentially cubed raw fish (usually salmon or tuna) layered over rice with a handful of toppings. New school eateries every where have, however, been sprouting up like mushrooms and they’ve given Poké Bowls a new twist to appeal to the rest of the world (Appropriation of culture?). Most poké restaurants have a large selection of toppings and sashimi flavours you can choose from – avocado, edamame, furikare seaweed flakes, sriracha sashimi and even lime marinated sashimi just to name a few. It’s even begun a “Build-Your-Own-Bowl” concept in certain spots and these bowls are beginning to own their own little cult-following. Who’d think you would see the day a bowl of rice and raw fish become a social media influencer.

Image from Jessica Gavin
Still unsure? Come find out!

Millennials are no stranger to the +60’s biggest art, music, food and culture festival, Urbanscapes, and for its 15th installation, Tiffin is bringing all the top Poké bowl vendors to battle it out against each other, and YOU get to play God for a day. Joining in the challenge are Fin, Kurin, PaperFish, Poké Bear, Sushi + Rotary Sushi Bar Malaysia, The Bowls and The Fish Bowl. Forget about wasting your time and petrol hopping from one Poké restaurant to another, you get to sample all of their creations under one roof at the Urbanscapes House this Saturday (20th May), at Jalan Hang Kasturi from 12pm onwards, for only RM65 for 8 taster sized portions.

You get to decide the winners based on a voting system (which we hear involves cute little fishes), and the panel of judges consisting of local professionals will choose the ultimate champion based off presentation, taste and creativity.

And if you didn’t read all of that (we hope that’s not the case),
What? Tiffin Throwdown: Battle of The Poké Bowls
When?  20th May 2017 (Saturday), 12pm-3pm (Challenge), 3pm-10pm (Open to public)
Where? Urbanscapes House, Jalan Hang Kasturi, Kuala Lumpur City
How much? RM65 for 8 taster sized portions

Are you hooked in yet? You definitely don’t want to miss out on this good catch.  Find out more here and fish out your tickets here.